Quought for the day #39 – Tom Clifford

Thomas is an internationally recognized award-winning documentary filmmaker.  Tom likes to tell people his films are like “MTV meets PBS!”

Tom’s passion is branding organizations and transforming individuals through remarkable storytelling and authentic documentary filmmaking.  

For over 20 years, organizations like The Travelers, Deloitte, Lincoln Financial Group, Epilepsy Foundation, Honeywell and Timex have counted on Tom’s films to tell their story authentically and with eye-catching results.  His films capture the “spirit” and culture of companies by empowering employees to tell their story from their personal ‘lens.’

“The Men Who Brought the Dawn,” a film featuring the airmen who flew the atomic missions to Japan and co-produced by Tom, is a part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution.  

Tom’s films have been shown at The NFL Hall of Fame, PBS, AFC Championship and others.

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If every physical creation is first created mentally, then what will you be creating in 2007?

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