The Art of Leverage: Anatomy of a calendar

In my last trip to India, I was able to spend some quality time with my friend Suresh (Investment banker, Photographer, Entrepreneur and just a genius character) and learnt about many of his projects. One that fascinated me was a calendar project that he did for a charitable organization. The project shows the power of leverage.

Here is the front page of the calendar
(This is the photo of Pangong lake, India-China Border)

1. This is one of the 12 photos that Suresh has donated to this charity. If you observe closely, it has a link to his blog where he explains the story behind each photograph.

2. The bottom part has the link to the charity website

Here is the back page of the calendar

1. You will notice that the top half now becomes a post card. At the end of the month, one can tear away the calendar and send this post card to someone. As a side benefit, the blog link travels too.

2. The bottom part has details about the participants in this project along with their websites

Leverage is a keyword that can change the game significantly. This is a simple example of how you can be altruistic at the same time leverage it for the benefit of all the participants.

Hat’s off to this effort!