Give to 1.6 Million; Lay the foundation to take from 1 Billion – Should you complain?

The last few years there have been many protests in the US about outsourcing and the loss of jobs. I was a bit confused on that but this trip to India it made it clear.

I spent most of my time in Bangalore and Chennai and saw what the consumers were fascinated with. Here are a few examples

* They are driving Ford and Chevrolet cars

* They are enjoying pizzas from Pizza Hut and Dominos

* They are watching the latest movies from Hollywood

* Walmart is coming soon I believe

* Bharti has signed up with AXA Insurance to roll-out their offers natinowide

* Talk about anything from perfumes to handbags to computers and servers – they are buying American brands.

There are going to be 1.6 million technology professionals in FY2007 and there are 1 Billion consumers. You do the math. And, if you apply pure logic, outsourcing should only increase because it will make the foundation stronger for American brands to sell to Indian consumers.

My $.02 of course.