Compassites is M.A.D. – Video on employee social responsibility

Disclaimer: I am one of the Board Members of Compassites. However, I am not writing this post in that capacity.

I am thinking that Compassites is M.A.D. (Making a Difference) not only in terms of building cool software products (two of my new startups have their products developed through them) but more importantly via their employee social responsibility program

Last Saturday (20th January 2007) Compassites celebrated its one year anniversary and it was a special day. Among all the activities on that day, what touched my heart was a short video that was created by Vivekananda Sahoo (one of Compassites’ Brand Ambassador) on their employee social responsibility program called COACH (Compassites on a Cause for Help)

Rather than writing about it in detail, I asked Vivek to post the video on YouTube. Here is the video for your quick reference.

Compassites COACH: Heal the World