Quought for the Day #16 – Brendon Connelly

Brendon Connelly maintains an awesome blog called SlackerManager. Don’t be misled by the name, though – it is definitely not for managers who are slackers 🙂 If you want to be more effective at work without additional sweat, you have to visit Brendon’s blog. People who know Bren also know that he is always there to lend a helping hand whenever you need him. Thanks for everything in 2006 Bren!

Optimist Warning: Imagine watching your favorite game minus the scorecard. When you stop keeping score, the game gets boring. Or, may be not for millions of people who play the life of game without a scorecard. Brendon wants you to change that by answering this simple question.

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Brendon’s Quought for the Day

Am I on the path?

Bren’s note accompanying the question: Just like project managers check their timelines and Gantt charts to evaluate progress against a goal, so should we all be checking our own progress as to our own destinations in life. This question assumes you’re already on the right path, which is a big assumption. What’s the path, you ask? The path is headed toward where you’re going. A particular job, a particular vacation goal, religious enlightenment, whatever. You decide where you’re going, but periodically check to be sure you’re on the path. Regardless of where you’re going, there will be many distractions along the way. Sometimes, when the path isn’t clearly marked, it can be very difficult to discern between distractions and roadsigns. Here’s your traveler’s tip of the day: the path is usually narrower than you’d expect. Good luck on your journey in 2007!

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Quought = Question that provokes thought. Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!

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