Inspired by a book? Share your stories on Suggestica

Lots of people told us that Suggestica is not a web 2.0 company because the user-participation was missing. Well, while we used some web 2.0ish technologies to build it, all we wanted to do was to help people find “quality” information and reduce the clutter on the web.

That said, we also listened to our user feedback and have implemented a way for registered users to share their stories about how one or more books has changed their life. This is slightly different than posting reviews. If you have some actionable information about a book that will add value to other users of Suggestica, we would love to hear from you. All you have to do is to register in Suggestica, find the book that made a world of difference in your busines and/or your life and write about how you used what was told in the book. Our editors will look through all your submissions and post those that will provide the highest value to our readers.

When you post your story, put yourself in the shoes of other readers and see if your submission will add “enough value” to the readers. Suggestica readers are people who are just like you, hard pressed for time who want to reduce the clutter in their lives.

Look forward to your help. Join us. Let us together reduce the clutter on the web.

Thank you.