Mini – a car brand or small: iStockPhoto solution

I wanted to search for a good image to accompany my Squidoo lens for collection of my mini sagas. The simple approach would have been to search for images with the tag “mini.” However, you know that it might be a bit confusing as “mini” now has two meanings – one is a popular car brand and the other denotes small. I wanted the latter but how do I tell the site that I really meant small?

I didn’t have to struggle much. The stock photo site that I use most often iStockPhoto had an answer. Actually, they didn’t, but they asked me what I really meant. When I typed in “mini” in the search bar and enter, by default the site brought up results from both but there was a place for my to make a selection on what I really meant with two options

Did you mean mini as in…
Option 1: Mini (Car Manufacturers’ Brand Names)
Option 2: Small (Physical Description)

Once I picked option 2, I didn’t have a problem getting what I wanted.

Seems like a simple time-saver. Highlights the obvious – “When you are in doubt, just ask!”