Ways to distinguish yourself #170 – Stop using prime time for questions of wonder

I think there are some questions for which it is hard to find “good enough” answers. These, for me, are questions to wonder about. I am not suggesting that you should not think about them (if those areas are of your interest) or avoid them. You do what you choose to do based on your priorities in your life. My only advice is that if you are getting carried away by these questions during your prime time, please be aware that you are knowingly engaging in this activity.

Here are some sample questions:

1. Is there GOD?

2. How was the universe born?

3. What is success?

4. Is there life after death? (an oxymoron there)

5. What could have been different in <<pick something way back in history>>?

6. What would I have done differently if I were the <<president or choose some power position of that order>>?

7. How could I have solve the <<choose a long running global problem>>?

You get the idea and I am sure you have your own favorite questions in this category. If life is a software there is only one version of it for every one of us. You get tweak it here and there but there is no version 2.0 at least in this incarnation. Since nobody really knows what questions are running in your mind all the time, you can be the only judge and decision maker on which questions you decide to find answers to.

Good luck!


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