One book that you have to read before the end of this year – "A Leader's Legacy"

I read between 50-80 books every year. Add another 100 books that I start reading but won’t complete reading it – just because the book runs out of steam by the time I reach the middle of the book. Rarely does a book come across that I want to read, re-read and re-read again. Rarely does a book comes across that is simple and profound. Rarely does a book come across that will remind me of the Niagara Factor.

I met with Dr. Posner recently and heard that their (Jim and Barry) new book was out and I had no option but to rush to the bookstore right after that meeting. I think I DID a good thing by doing that. The book is called “A Leader’s Legacy” and it is a fascinating read.

I won’t reveal much from the book but if the following snippets peek your interest, then you know what is in store

1. Success in leadership is not measured only in numbers. Being a leader brings with it a responsibility to do something of significance that makes families, communities, work organizations, nations, the environment, and the world better places than they are today. Not all things can be quantified
[from  Leaders serve and sacrifice]

2. Our teachers continue to teach us as we go on to tell their stories
[from The Best Leaders Are Teachers]

3. The question for each of us, then, is not Do I matter? but How do I matter?
[from You Are The Most Important Leader In Your Organization]

4. There are very few things in life that we can claim to have accomplished without the help of others. In leadership, nothing that we achieve is singular. Nothing.
[from No One Likes To Be An Assumption]

You know I can go on and on. I am sure this will be on my desk for some time to come. If you are a leader or want to be one, don’t miss this one.