Too many good books to choose is still a problem; Solution: Launching MySuggestica

When Vijay and I launched Suggestica, we anticipated that very soon we will create the same problem that we set out to solve. We wanted to provide a solution to the choice overload problem but once we started adding more and more “Trusted Authorities” to the list, we ended up creating our own choice overload. We are overwhelmed with the positive response to the site but too many people asked us when we will provide an ability filter out the content that they want to get.

Today is that day. We are launching “My Suggestica” portal on Suggestica. Upon registering on the site, you can choose the “Trusted Authorities” and/or Topics (sorry tags – I forget that we have to ALWAYS use web 2.0 terminology 😉 ) and save them in your preferences. You will only see suggestions from these Trusted Authorities and/or topics everytime you login.

Please register on the site try this out and let us know your feedback.

Thank you.

PS: So many of you have asked us how we will get user participation. This is the first step towards getting user participation. Very shortly we will announce more features in relation to this. Thanks.