The power and the desire to make a difference in the world – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

There are lot of VERY rich people in this world. Most of these people have the power to make a difference to the world in general. Very few have the desire to do so. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a shining star in this respect setting an example on “what could be” possible.

An example of how the foundation works can be seen below:

As an example, our Global Development Program
works with an organization called Opportunity International on a
relatively simple technology that is helping women in Malawi save their
children from destitution. In Malawi, life expectancy is about 37
years. When a man dies, his parents and siblings often seize his
possessions and his money, leaving his wife and children with nothing.

Opportunity International helps by distributing “smart cards.” These
cards are similar to our ATM cards, and they let women keep money in
super-secure savings accounts that are protected by a thumbprint
scanner. Only the cardholder herself can access the account, using her
unique thumbprint. Smart cards have become so popular in Malawi that
they’re now regularly given as gifts at wedding showers.

Please read and be inspired by this letter over there on their site
Our Values: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

It almost feels like GOD’s work!