Warm welcome to 2 T's

When very smart people start blogging, they are extending their brand but they are also doing a great service. Now, people across the world can get their insights asynchronously. I want to extend a warm welcome to the two new bloggers – the 2 Ts.

1. Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders has been a huge inspiration in my life in the last few years. With his busy schedule, I don’t get to meet him often but whenever I meet him, the ROII shoots through the roof. Sanders has started blogging at “Sanders Says” and I am sure you will enjoy reading and learning. Welcome Tim!

Link – Sanders Says

2. Tom Clifford

It may appear strange but it is true. I have never met Tom in person but I am sure I will very shortly. Tom is a multi-talented person as it is very evident from his blog. Tom started blogging at “Director Tom: Journal” Please pay a visit and you will be dazzled by the brilliance of the imagery on his blog. Welcome Tom!

Link – Director Tom: Journal

PS: I didn’t make it to the “Top 5” on Tom’s list. You know – I am an optimist and it only makes me want to work hard on my craft and increase the value I am providing 🙂