When winning is a bigger loss than losing

Winning is not the opposite of losing all the time. Sometimes, it can be a bigger loss than losing. Here are some cases:

1. You fudge your resume, tell lies and somehow get that dream job.

2. You rip apart the logic proposed by your spouse and win that argument.

3. You prove that you are smarter than your co-worker by exposing something about his or her work in a group meeting.

4. You sacrifice a long-term friendship to prove your point. Your point is proven minus a friend.

5. You get good marks in the exam by carefully preparing ONLY  for whatever is required for the exam.

6. You confuse your child and make him or her shut up rather than taking the time to answer the questions.

7. You spend most of your energy putting other people down rather than lifting yourself up. You finally succeed in putting other people down.

8. You lose your sleep for tomorrow and go in search of it at a later date.

9. You discipline your children by asking them to follow your words and not your actions.

10. You are always connected to the external world at the expense of disconnecting from people close to you.

I am sure you have your own items that you can add to this list.

Have a great week ahead!