Can you update your information in my address book?

I have always been of the opinion that tools are just tools. It is not the tools that make the difference – it is HOW you use those tools. Plaxo is one such tool. If used right, it can keep your address book updated automatically. Of course, you can use it wrong too. Here is one Plaxo request that I received recently

As you can see, the person has no other information except my name and email address. I don’t know whether he really wants my information in his address book. If I decide to take the time to update it, it’s a bonus. If not, he probably doesn’t care – the status quo is maintained. It is almost like saying one of the two:

* “I am lazy to update my address book with your information. If you have the time to do it, please do so”


* “I don’t know whether you are important enough for me to capture all your information. If you think you are important to me, why don’t you fill up my address book with your info?”

The tool is great. Used wrongly. IMHO.

Update: Dave points to interesting set of conversations related to Plaxo. Here is the link:
Ask Dave Taylor: Can I get Plaxo Spam?

Have a great weekend.