God is in the details

This trip to Delhi was fascinating. We all took a small break and sneaked out to Agra to visit Taj Mahal. It was the same experience I had in Niagara Falls. Taj Mahal took my breath away and I was spell bound just like thousands of others. I was also fascinated by the number of intricate details in the construction of this monument. Here is one example. Take a look at the entrance of Taj Mahal below:

If you observe all arch carefully, you will see that there are verses from Quran written over it. Do you observe anything else?

You will also see that irrespective of where the verses are located, they appear symmetrical – meaning everything appears the same size. This is because the letters are of smaller size near the bottom of the arch and they progressively become bigger as they move higher up. They are the of the largest size at the top of the arch.

God is really in the details!