Things that make me smile #18 – Entitlement

Last couple of days I spent time with some of the brightest folks I know in Bangalore. One of them was none other than Jnan Dash. Jnan provided a ton of insights on technology trends but throughout the two days sprinkled his talks with humor. Here is one gem on entitlement.

Everyday morning a man would park his car at a particular location. The man was generous and paid $10 to an attendant to take care of his car. A few years later, the man got married but continued to park his car everyday at the same location. However, something changed. He paid only $5 to the attendant.

A few years later, the man had a couple of kids. The man continued to park his car at the same location everyday. However, he paid only $1 to the attendant.

One day the attendant stopped the man and asked him about the change in behavior. He wanted to know why he only paid him a dollar – a mere 10% of what he used to pay him a few years earlier. The man, of course, had a good explanation for his change in behavior. He said that things were very different when he was a bachelor. Now, he had a lot more expenses and he was careful how he spent his money.

The attendant shook his head and quipped “Sir, this is not fair. You are using my income to take care of your family.”