Things that make me smile #11 – The Elephant

Note: “New Russians” are Russians who have acquired wealth through questionable means

Two “New Russians” meet. One of them looks extremely happy and the other one wants to know the reason. The first one shares the secret –

“I have to tell you. It’s all because of the elephant that I bought recently. It is so good that it has taken over all the work in the house. It cooks, does dishes, re-arranges stuff, vacuums the floor, does the laundry, irons clothes, drives children to school and at night acts as our security guard..”

“Stop!” says the second one, “You are kidding right..”

“No” the first one continues, “I am really blessed. Because of the elephant even our marital life is getting better as my wife is happy and relieved from the drudgery of house work. It is the best thing to happen to me”

The second one is now convinced and wants to buy the elephant too. The first one says that these kinds of elephants were never on sale and he was lucky to have chanced upon one. The second one badly wants the elephant now and start making offers to the first one to sell the elephant. The first one is not interested in selling upon the conclusion of a VERY lengthy negotiation session. The first one reluctantly agrees to sell the elephant for $8M. Both parties are happy.

A week passes by and they both meet again. The second one is visibly disturbed. When asked, he tells his sad story –

“I don’t know what happened to the elephant. Something is terribly wrong. The elephant does NOTHING. It just eats and poops. My wife is already sick of cleaning up. We fight on this topic almost everyday..”

The second first one says – “I don’t know about the elephant but I have to tell you. With this attitude, you won’t be able to sell the elephant to anyone.”

Hat Tip: Yakov Soloveychik