How to get more traffic by Seth Godin; Few more additions

My hero Seth Godin has compiled a list of cool strategies and tactics to increase the traffic to your blogs.First read his post, before reading the following please. Its a great piece of education for FREE.

However, I think the list is incomplete (IMHO, of course)

Seth’s list covers a broad range of strategies, approaches and tactics but leaves behind another important aspect – who you become and what to do outside of your blog to increase traffic to your blog. Here is my list in addition to Seth’s list. I used the same format to keep it consistent

1. Establish yourself as an expert in one or more domains
2. Build your personal brand. Who you are will add or subtract a lot of weight to what you write.
3. Write a good book (and of course get it published)
4. Speak well at conferences
5. Develop long-term relationships with people all over the world
6. Be a columnist in the magazines in your area of expertise
7. Include your blog link wherever you participate in conversations
8. Give away your wisdom mostly for FREE
9. Help people reach their goals (whenever possible)
10. Maintain Integrity. Be Nice. Respect people
11. Make every piece of writing linkworthy – be it off the blog or on the blog.
12. Have a plan to leverage all kinds of new media to drive traffic to your blog
13. Teach. Share knowledge freely. Don’t hold back anything.
14. Respond to your emails, especially the ones looking for guidance promptly
15. Participate in charities that do great work. It is good in its own sense and it also helps your blog
16. Have a great purpose in your life and work relentlessly towards it.
17. Volunteer for a causes that are meaningful (global warming, poverty eradication, education etc.)
18. Read great books like crazy
19. Follow thought leaders even at the expense of your breakfast
20. Know that what you do outside of your blog will impact your blog.

1. A few more tips over at my Squidoo lens:
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2. For those interested in Personal Branding, he is a FREE 40 page eBook
Link – PDF: Personal Branding for Technology Professionals

Have a great weekend.