The return of Simplicity

Initial inspiration for this – of course from my hero Seth Godin (post: 332 is boring)

First, came the Million Dollar Home Page experiment (advertise for $1/pixel) – which is totally sold out by the way.

Now comes, the 1000 Paintings for sale business where paintings of numbers 1 to 1000 are being sold. Who will buy? Don’t know but 216 of them are already sold. The price keeps increasing by 10% every time 100 paintings are sold. That’s the motivation for someone to buy quickly (in case they are interested to buy them in the first place.)

The ideas are simple and I am sure becasue of the ease with which they will be replicated, they WILL be replicated by fast followers. However, the initial person WILL make a huge fortune. Now that the idea is out, it looks very simple and obvious.

The key observation is that in order to make money, all you need to have is a simple idea executed brilliantly. Make it worth talking and people will talk about it. You don’t need to spend any marketing dollars.

Life is really fun, isn’t it?