Things that make me smile #8 – Are you a leader?

I was Alan‘s guest at ACG Grow! awards last night. Dr. Curt Crawford in his keynote talked about extreme personal leadership. Dr. Crawford also shared an interesting story

A prospective student was filling up his student application for getting into an university. He got stuck with a question on the paper

Q. Are you a leader?    Yes/No

After thinking for a while, the student marked “No.” He assumed that he would not get admission in this university and had almost given up hope.

Surprisingly, a few days later,  he got a welcome letter confirming his admission from the university. In the letter the admissions officer had written:


We are recruiting a total of 1453 applicants this year. 1452 of them say they are leaders. We are deciding to recruit you because, we thought, with so many leaders here, it would be nice to have at least one follower 🙂