Things that make me smile #5 – A friend in need…

Actually I am so glad that my name does not start with J. After Java gained popularity, anything starting with J seems like a technology acronym. Although I love acronyms, I don’t want to be confused with technology 🙂 This one gets even better.

When I coined an acronym for myself “EAT with Passion” where
* E= Entrepreneur
* A=Author &
* T=Teacher
I was still feeling that there is something missing. My thirst to learn more. So a few days ago, I modified my acronym to EAST, where S=Student. So the latest tagline looked something like

Rajesh Setty
Living in the West but always heading EAST!

This was OK until it caught the attention of an old friend who is really sick of me trying to experiment with these things. He wrote me an email recently about the same topic. The last sentence was what caught my attention.


Now that you have moved from EAT to EAST, here is one more suggestion to complete the puzzle piece. Since you are also a Blogger (B), you can add that to the mix and call yourself a BEAST


I really have to do some thinking now 🙂