Announcement – Delta P Delta T workshop: Moving from coding to leading

I have been blogging less in the last few days because I am completing an eBook on “Personal Branding for Technology Professionals” to be released soon. I have also been working on finalizing this workshop. So here is the announcement.

I have been working on this program for a few months ensure that participants have a high ROII (return on investment on their interaction) My friends at Intulogy have put together a compelling package.

Here are the high-level details:

Delta P Delta T Workshop: Moving from Coding to Leading

This is a one-day interactive workshop for (ideally) people in the technology industry where we will explore how they can distinguish themselves and succeed. Participants will leave with a “Delta P Delta T toolkit” that will contain several resources to use beyond the  one-day they will spend at the course. The toolkit will include:

* 30 minute DVD on Delta P Delta T
* Instructions for 52 weekly podcasts for the next one year
  (Topic: How to Distinguish yourself)
* e-Books

The course will be led by a team of Intulogy training specialists.

More details can be found in the PDF document below (right click and save)

PDF: Delta P Delta T workshop

or you can talk to Bill Sherman at Intulogy for further details:
Phone: 830.598.6444 x134
Email: “delta at intulogy dot com”

The plan is to have a pilot program for a limited set of people in the Bay Area in June 2006. The introductory cost of the program is $497 per learner.