Ways to distinguish yourself #110 Contribute to the growth of your entire network

Yesterday I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Dr.Prasad Kaipa at an event organized by SIPA. Dr.Kaipa talked about several interesting topics on that evening. One story that touched my heart was about giant pumpkins of Half Moon Bay in California. Every year there is a contest and whoever grows the largest pumpkin wins a prize. Dr.Kaipa talked about one person who won the contest and did something very interesting. He gave away half of the seeds from the winning pumpkin to the neighbours.

Incidentally their neighbours were also his competitors that year and would be competing with him next year. Everyone around him (including his family members) were surprised by his action. When asked, he mentioned that pumpkins grow by cross-pollination and if everyone around him was growing healthy and large pumpkins, he had higher chances of growing healthy and large pumpkins. He wanted everyone surrounding him to succeed and in the process his chances of success were higher.

It was an interesting story and I am sure you would have got how this applies to our own lives. If we are in the company of smart people, chances are that you will become “smarter” than what you are. How about approaching life in a way that you are consciously contributing to your entire network and ensuring that everyone is growing? Wouldn’t that increase your chances of growing faster than you are currently growing? I bet it would!

If you think this is all hard work, I can prove to you that it’s really not. All you have to do is to make small changes in your behaviours that will provide high-leverage to you and your network. Let me give a few examples:

* Next time when you read a great book and make some notes or create a mindmap, share them with your network and include your observations and take-aways related to the book

* Next time you find a great resource on the web, share them with your network.

* Next time you watch an inspirational movie, share with your team what you got out of the movie
Yes, the above items look trivial for some people. Think about it. If someone in your network was consistently sharing such ideas with you, wouldn’t you find that valuable?

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