Ways to distinguish yourself #106 – Increase investments in personal growth

The thing about personal growth that is very interesting is that nobody really cares about your personal growth but if you don’t care about it – everybody will stop caring about you
🙂 It is one of those things that people don’t make an explicit remark
about but assume that you are taking care of it on your own. It’s
almost like an obvious thing to do.

Everyday you are either growing or shrinking. It’s hard to maintain the status quo.

an inventory of your investments on your personal growth over the last
year. What is it as a percentage of your earnings for the last year? To
give you some comparison, people spend north of 10% (of the cost) on
their car (not including gas) to keep it in good shape every year. You
got to – otherwise the car might breakdown and it may cost you more
than that to fix it. What should your investment be on yourself if you
consider “YOU” as your biggest asset? I am not suggesting any
percentages here but you are the right person to make the right
judgments on your life.

Imagine a scenario where you
progressively invest 10% more than what you have invested on your
personal growth in the previous year. Do you think it will make a big
difference in your life and career? I bet it will make a huge
difference in “who you are” and “who you are becoming.” I am not
talking about huge investments here but a conscious, disciplined and
continuous investments of time and money on your own growth over a long
period of time.

If this is so obvious, what are you waiting for?