Why you can't ignore blogs?

OK, if everyone starts ignoring blogs, who will read my blog? So, for
my own selfish reason, I have to write something on the above mentioned
topic. Just kidding, of course!

The velocity with which change is happening in this world is maddening. Everyone of us knows that change is the only thing that is constant. This statement needs some overhauling. The modified version may look something like this

“Change at a breathtaking speed is the only thing that is constant”

The being the case, it is important for us to adapt to the new world
order at a breathtaking speed. The questions, therefore are:

1. How do we know what are the new rules of the game?
2. How to we know how to adapt to these new rules?

One answer may be to become an eternal student and keep upgrading our
knowledge at a breathtaking speed. Traditional education mediums have a
disadvantage here. The curriculum in most traditional institutions will
lag at least by a few months, if not years!

On the other hand, blogs have a distinct advantage here. By religiously
following the blogs of about a hundred or so thought leaders, we get to
tap into the brains of people like Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Doc Searls.
These thought leaders discuss ideas that are VERY relevant to the
current times. Over a period of time, following these blogs can:

(a) bring you closer to the realities of the new world
(b) prepare you for the massive changes that are happening
(c) help you adapt to the new rules
(d) make you smarter (almost on a daily basis)
(e) provides you with a huge leverage. Many of these thought leaders
charge a fortune if you want them to consult for you. Through their
blogs you get “almost” the same leverage

The best part is that you get all the above advantages for FREE!

What could be a more profitable deal in 2006?