Ways to distinguish yourself – #95 NEVER forget any help!

You will agree with me that wherever you are today, you didn’t get there all by yourself. There are a lot of people who would have helped you at various points in your life.

As you can only expect, many of those people who helped you at an earlier stage in life no longer have the capacity to help you anymore. May be you have grown bigger than those very people who helped you to get where you are today. If you decide to forget the help that these people provided, there won’t be a material impact on where you will be going next. So, why not just FORGET people who provided SIGNIFICANT and timely HELP to you in the past?

Here are some reasons for starters:

1. This is more of an attitude issue. If you think about the past help in this fashion, remember that there is a possibility that you will think about the people who are helping you TODAY in the same fashion TOMORROW. Walking on people on your way up is never a good idea.

2. Long term relationships are built one step at a time.  Not acknowledging and remembering TIMELY help is one way of distancing yourself from people that helped you.

3. If you do this to someone, someone else may do this to you. Whatever you give out in the universe will come back. So, why not change the trend?

4. After a certain level of growth you are in the company of accomplished people. They can see through your design and attitude of forgetting any help you get. These people don’t want to be “Used” by anyone. You don’t have an option but to change your attitude or risk losing these people as friends.

5. Last but not the least, very few people remember all the help that they received. You will be special just by deciding to take the road less traveled.

All the best!