Ways to distinguish yourself – #73 Watch how you say "what you do"

Long ago, I read a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. In one of the chapters Schwartz talks about the value of treating your work as important. He explains this in the form of a story of three brick layers. It’s short and simple.

When asked “what are you doing?” the first bricklayer replied, “Laying brick.” The second answered, “Making $9.30 an hour.” And the third said, “Me? Why, I’m building the world’s greatest cathedral.”

It was fascinating to read the story and all of us can easily guess how the lives of the three bricklayers would have shaped up in the future.

The story has some important lessons for all of us and makes us think how and what we say when asked the question “What do you do?” which is one of the standard questions that might be asked when you meet a new person. Without the right job attitude and the pride in what we do, we might reply back in a way that won’t help or hurt. Or it may lead to the other person to box us as one among the many the antithesis of distinguishing ourselves.

So, the question for you is “What do you do?” and now observe how and what you say in response.