The care and feeding of your network

Yesterday I was speaking with Bob Allard
and while I don’t believe in re-incarnation, if such a thing is there I
know Bob and I were connected in some fashion. Bob and I have a
strikingly similar approach to networking (actually I don’t even want
to call it Networking – it is relationship building)

The approach in its simplest form is to add enough value (care and
feeding) to people in your network and also connect enough people to
each other so that the whole network has higher leverage. Connecting
the right people (meaning both parties benefit) is the key to the whole
thing. In Bob’s own words, he gets joy in connecting people as

a) two people connecting with each other is pure positive energy

b) it shows that you cared enough about both people and you took time to make this connection happen.

c) it is selfless (if you do it right) and only good things can happen.

Bob has a proposal out on ChangeThis called “The Care and Feeding of your Network
and I am excited about the topic. So if you like the topic, show your
support to Bob by voting for his manifesto on changethis.