Ways to distingish yourself – #59 Avoid passive resistance

I have always said that if you want to do something great, work with a
great team. Working with an “A” team has a ton of advantages but there
are some problems too. One problem is that it’s not easy to reach a
consensus sometimes. Each person has an opinion and will have valid
reasons to believe that he or she is right (and the others are wrong)

If things were to be simple, the team
members will discuss the differences and agree upon a course of action
and everyone supports the cause and moves forward. Things would be just

Of course, we all know that it’s not that easy. Some smart people will
say they will support the cause but actually they won’t. The sad part
is that they will practice “passive resistance” meaning they will
manufacture situations that will stall or sabotage the project.

The soul searching question to ask yourself is “Am I committed 100% to
all the projects that I am participating in?” If the answer is “Yes”
then you may not be playing the “passive resistance” game. Good for
you. If not, you may be playing a passive resistance game to some
degree. Now the interesting part – if your leader is bright, this is
not news to that person. He already knows it and he may have accounted
for this time in his “master plan.” What you may not know is that slowly but surely he is losing trust in you.