Ways to distinguish yourself – #54 Expand your "100% Trust Network"

I am sure you have a lot of close friends. The question is how many of these folks are in your “100% Trust Network.”
A person is in your “100% Trust Network” if you trust him come what
may. It is not a simple “trust” that you extend where it really means
“I trust you 100% as long as you don’t screw up.”  In other words, it is sort of an
un-conditional trust.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be extremely careful
in choosing who to put in the “100% Trust Network.” Once you put
someone there, let them know that they are in your “100% Trust Network”
and what it means. What happens next is simply amazing. This friend now
knows that if he inadvertantly makes a mistake or slips up, he does not
have to bend backwards to get back into your good books. It’s a sort of
a freedom that will get him closer to you.

Sometimes we all err and if it takes a long time to mend a small error, it drains us.

As always I have to say that always be trustworthy so that lots of people will put you in their “100% Trust Network.”