Ways to distinguish yourself – #51 Work on your "Mile High Factor"

Go back about one year ago in your life. Imagine this scenario – you
put all the smart people (remember SMART!) that you know and can
influence on the ground. You go up on a plane about one “mile high” in
the air. If you look down from there, you will see an area covered by
these smart people. Let’s call that area “Mile High Factor”. Mentally
note down the size of this area

Fast forward to today and repeat the exercise. Look at the “Mile High
Factor” today. Was it better than before or worse than before. If
better, how much better. The speed at which your “Mile High Factor” is growing can be one indicator of your progress.

Since you Mile High Factor does not automatically grow, you have to work towards growing it diligently.

What could you do to grow your “Mile High Factor” next year?