Ways to distingish yourself – #47 Simplify

It’s unbelievable how much clutter there is in life and in business.
Entrepreneurs know this very well – they look at something that is
complex and try to offer a new way of doing something that is more
simple. Historically we have seen that the marketplace rewards someone
who makes things simple. Any remarkable invention or innovation
simplified things.

Take some of the basic examples

Automobile – made it simple to for people to go from one place to another

Telephone – made it simple for people to communicate over a long distance

Fax Machine – made it simple for people to transfer documents from one place to another

I picked general examples but you can take companies and you will see the same thing

Google – made it simple to search on the web

eBay – made it simple for people to participate in auctions (buy and sell)

Amazon – made it simple for people to to buy books (sorry almost everything)

Questions to ask yourself:

* In your role in the current company what are you simplifying?

* In your relationships with other people what are you simplifying for them?

* Same time last year were things more simple or more complex? How do you think things will pan out same time next year?

There is a lot of literature available on this topic. The best book
that I have found on this topic is Bill Jensen’s Simplicity.