Ways to distingish yourself – #45 Increase your rate of learning

Think about the amount of investment you made on yourself in the last
twelve months. Imagine if you double that investment in the next 12
months. Would that make a difference in your life? You bet it would!

is important that we consciously increase our rate of learning. This is
especially important when you are working towards building your brand.
If you are concerned how you can pack more in your already “packed”
schedule. there is help. You can change the strategies and tools you
might be using for learning.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Use Audio Books: Audible and iTunes provide thousands of audio books

2. Use Music for learning: It is no secret that using the right music will help in accelerating learning. Stephen Halpern is a world renowned musician. I have used Stephen’s Accelerated Learning CDs for years and they have helped me tremendously.

3. Use Mindmapping: Mindmaps provide a great way of visually summarizing a book. Mindjet provides great software tools for creating mindmaps.

4. Use speed reading: Almost half the material that you read can be read using speed reading techniques.

5. Start a book club: Find a few like-minded people who are interested in learning. Divide and conquer is a great strategy

6. Subscribe to book summaries: There are a number of services that provide book summaries for a fee.
There may be more tools and strategies but the above should give you a headstart.