Influencing What Matters; More responsible media?

I am shocked and sad after the news “Man breaks record for watching TV” made it to the front page of CNN.

I loved the Guiness Book of World Records when I was a kid. It was
interesting stuff. Not anymore. I don’t care if someone has the longest
hair or longest toe nails. How does that matter? There are so many
burning things that need attention in this world and we report about
someone watching TV for 60+ hours continuously? It makes it to the
headline news on CNN and it becomes part of the morning TV show. Give us a break!

Imagine the impact on other people who might want to imitate Suresh and
beat his record. Total waste of time for a ton of people without a
meaningful purpose. I only wish the media were more responsible and not
give such stories so much importance.

May be I am too harsh but it  just doesn’t make sense!