Harvard MBA was wrong; defending the fisherman

Dave Warnock has a response to my twin posts
a. Harvard MBA and the fisherman story challenge
b. Harvard MBA and the fisherman solution

Dave’s point is that Harvard MBA is wrong as you can’t spend 12 years running a business and then come back and have a life of peace with kids. Good points there so makes me believe that I was not clear. If the Harvard MBA was wrong, was the fisherman right? No, there is no digital (0 or 1) solution for this problem.

The objective of my twin posts was not to focus on the fisherman or the solution but on the power of storytelling. Obviously, we all want the fisherman to make the right choice based on his life priorities but I don’t want the fisherman to lead a life without considering the risks that comes with a particular kind of lifestyle. Dave’s response makes my point even clearer. This is a fictional story and we all get carried away by fiction. There was no fisherman and there was no Harvard MBA that went and talked to the fisherman. This is all fiction. My point was to prove that we get carried away by stories and suspend logic when we are listening or reading stories. When I asked to identify the flaw in the logic of the story, I got a ton of responses but only two were on the mark. About 2% of the responses were right. As I know some of the respondents personally (who got it wrong) there is no relationship with the reps one and the intelligence of the people. They are all very bright but the point is that it’s human tendency to get carried away by stories and suspend logic in the process.

Thanks Dave for taking time to finding the flaw in the logic that was trying to find the flaw 🙂