Beyond Code (finally) is available for pre-order

I forgot that it took me four years to get my first book published (9 to 13)

Beyond Code was a journey
on a roller coaster ride. The project  began on September 12,
2004. Since I write (not type) books, it took me a while to get the
first draft out. Here are some of the things that took a while (hint:
all of the items)

* Writing
* Finding an editor – Thanks Karthik
* Re-writing
* Editing
* Re-writing
* Testimonials – Thanks to all the people for their generosity
* Finding an agent – Thanks to Bill Gladstone
* Finding publisher(s) – one here (Select Books) and one in India (Vikas Publishing House)
* Illustrations – Special thanks to Seth Godin and Don Moyer for their help
* Foreword – Thanks Tom
* Cover page
* Finding a publicist – Thanks Maryglenn

It was a journey that will be in my memories for some time to come.

Finally, the book is in print now and two days ago, it appeared in most
of the online book stores for pre-order. For those of you who have
asked me to notify you when the book is available, I am sending a
personal note but it will take a while to get to all of you.

Here is the Amazon link:
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