Design makes a big difference

Yesterday the broadband connection at my home was down and after fiddling around a bit I figured out that it was because our phone line was down. Getting the phone line fixed became a priority as without that I won’t have broadband 🙁
I called SBC, the local phone service provider. As usual, I had to go through “finger gym” to keep entering information on the phone. In fact, I was “talking” to a system for a long time. Here was one piece of conversation with the system that made me smile
System: “Please select from the following six options 1. If your phone is dead select 1…”
Me: [Pressed 1]
System: “If you are calling from the phone that has a problem press 1…”
Since I come from a programming background and was involved in several Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) projects, I know that you could have fixed this problem and made the system look more intelligent.
In summary, if you want to look smart and sophisticated, give a lot of emphasis to design.