Ways to distinguish yourself – #27 Avoid complacency at all costs

They say that failure is the stepping stone for success. What happens
once you succeed? Success is not a destination and it should lay the
foundation for your next quest. Interestingly, success can be a problem
sometimes. A classic situation is when one thinks that he or she is now
successful and it’s time to take a break. Complacency seeps in and one
may relax a bit. The problem worsens if one starts getting used to the

Maintaining the success status quo is hard and I believe one is either
moving up or sliding down. There is nothing that is constant about

Talking about organizations, when you bring something unique to the
marketplace, it’s unique only for a short time. The marketplace expects
innovation and constant improvement. The rules won’t change for
individuals. We as individuals bring our skills and experiences to the
marketplace and while our offer may be compelling at a point in time,
the marketplace changes and our offers have to change with times. If we
rest on our laurels and are complacent, we will be left behind sooner
than later.

When you get violent, please remember to kill complacency in your life. It is one “crime” that will get you out of your own prison 🙂