Ways to distinguish yourself – #26 Expect recognition for results and not effort

I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts and I want to repeat
it here – one thing in life has not changed – “sometimes we succeed and
sometimes we learn

Many times we put a lot of effort on some things but the results are
not there. Sometimes we put in a little effort and we get a big result.
In fact there can be many combinations of effort and result. Here are a

1. small effort – small results

2. small effort – big results

3. small effort – no results

4. big effort – small results

5. big effort – big results

6. big effort – no results

Our tendency some times is to expect recognition for our “big” efforts. In general, we can only get recognition for “big results” irrespective of the amount of effort involved.
Knowing this will reduce the amount of stress that we may have to go
through when we put in a big effort and get no or small results.

C’est la vie!