Ways to distinguish yourself – #24 Influence the influencers

This post may seem like it is targeted at sales professionals but my
guess is that it is equally applicable to professionals at all levels.

Whenever we are making a point, getting our ideas across, we tend to
focus only on the decision makers. This may work but many times, the
better approach is to look for the influencers in the group. There will
always be one or two key influencers in the group. The group will
typically look forward to the opinion of these key influencers before
they make up their own opinion of what we are talking about.

I learnt this concept from leadership guru – John Maxwell.
John has a great way of explaining how to identify the influencer
within a group. When you are taking to the group and you make a
statement on which the group has to take a stand observe what the
members of the group typically do. Most often, they look for the
non-verbal queues of the influencer. For example, if the influencer is
nodding, many folks in the group will agree with what was said and if
the influencer is shaking his head, many members in the group will
disagree with what is being said.

Wish you the very best and hope you influence lots and lots of influencers!!