Apprentice – Points to ponder

This is the first season of Apprentice
I really followed closely. I had heard extreme opinions about the show
(obviously I had not watched the previous seasons) – some hated the
show and some absolutely loved it. I personally have mixed feelings
about the show. Since next week, we may see whether Tana or Kendra will
become the Apprentice, I thought this will be a good time post my
thoughts and hear what others have to say

Here are my $.02

Here are some reasons why I love the show:

a) The show is different from
several of the mindless shows that air on TV. Whether you agree with
everything or not, it will make you think for a while.

b) For insights: Every
now and then the show features executives from real companies
discussing their strategies briefly and what they are looking for in a
new product or service. May give some ideas for you and me.

c) Lessons on teamwork:
I have always believed that to accomplish something very significant,
you need a team that will work effectively and efficiently. You can get
some tips on team work – what to do and what not to do.

d) Creativity: The
time allotted to some tasks are very small. So the teams need to be
quick and creative in their approach to work. Couple of times I was
amazed at what the teams created in less than a day.

Here are some points to ponder:

a) Far from reality to serve the purpose:
If the purpose is really to find an apprentice for Donald Trump, this
interviewing method obviously will not produce the optimum result.
Mr.Trump might find a bright and lucky candidate but whether the person
is suited for the job is questionable.

b) Comments on fellow team members:
For those of you who followed the show, it is very clear that each team
member had “not so” good things to say about the other team members.
Imagine having such team members in your own team. What are we trying
to teach the folks who are watching the show?

c) Decision making is highly subjective:
In some episodes there is a clear winner but in many episodes the
criteria for winning or “firing” is very subjective. In fact, in one of
the episodes I saw Mr.Trump asking carolyn and George who he should
fire but their opinion was not considered at all.

d) Results are the only real measure:
Many times the participants were measured by the “results” they
produced and although all of us were watching how they were produced,
no importance was given to how the team got those results. In fact, in
one of the episodes
where the objective was to create collateral for Pontiac Solstice, the
winning team (Kendra, Craig and Tana) did not even work as a team.
Kendra did most of the work and just because they were part of the
winning team Tana and Craig remained on the show. Fair? May be not!

I have a lot more but this is already a long post and I should end
here. Any comments are welcome. There are no right or wrong answers
here but only opinions.