Make it easy or make it hard..

My friend from India was staying at Homestead Hotels. Last night, I wanted to reach him by phone. I thought it should be easy. I was wrong!

I knew his room number and it was easy to get the hotel number from the website.
However, when I called the main number, I got a message stating that
there was no one in the front lobby.  There were instructions to
reach a hotel guest something like “please dial the guest’s 4 digit
extension.” That was a curve ball there. The room number had only three
digits. I thought I will use my intelligence and tried prefixing the
room number with “9”, “8”, “7” etc. I thought something has to work.
Long story short – I was able to call someone else and got the
extension for the room number.

Interestingly, each room has a different four digit extension that is
unrelated to the room number. For example, if the room number is 234,
the extension is 1442.

Unless you are a magician, or a psychic you may not be able to guess the connection ;(