Ways to distinguish yourself – #16 Ask the right questions

Questions have great power. One right question asked at the right time can change the direction of our lives. Hence, the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves is VERY important. It is for the same reason that we need to choose our company very carefully. With the right people around us, for some reason if we miss asking the right questions, someone in our group might.

If we are not going in the direction that will ultimately lead us to our goals, one of the problems may be the questions that we ask ourselves. It may be time to reframe some of the questions. Here are a few examples


Original question: What am I getting?
Reframed question: What am I becoming?


Original question: Why is this happening to me?
Reframed question: What can I learn from this?


Original question: Why can’t he/she understand me?
Reframed question: How can I communicate so that he/she can understand me?

I urge you to look at some of the common questions that you ask yourself and see how you can reframe them to make them more effective. I have a few more examples and will post them in the next few days. You are welcome to comment with your set of original and reframed questions.

Good luck!