Most Significant Thing (MST) for the week

Robert Cooper’s book The Other 90% is a brilliant piece of work. There are so many insights in the book. I have picked one that I have used for years (I must admit that I have not been consistent) and have hugely benefited. Here it is in a nutshell:

At the end of every week, you need to ask and answer two questions:

a) What is the most significant thing you did this week?

b) What is the most signficant thing you are going to do next week?

A slight variation that I propose is that you should get one like minded friend to help you out. If you and your friend can hold each other accountable to achieve the MST (most significant things) every week – imagine what would happen. You would have achieved 52 MSTs in a year. Do you remember any of your previous years where you were able to achieve 52 most significant things? Most of us don’t!

All the best for next year!