Ways to distinguish yourself – #4 Dream BIG!

Whenever I ask the question – “What is your dream?” I get a variety of answers from people.  Some dreams are grand, some are funny, some lack logic and some are unreasonable and so on. This is expected. However, what is interesting is most people have vague dreams such as “I want to be more happy” or “I want to be financially independent” or something of that sort. More interestingly, most dreams are very small – they could almost be goals two or three years out. That is so sad.

Here’s my $.02

If it is anway a dream, why not dream BIG?

Why do we have to put a limitation on the dreams. It’s not real life, it’s dream world. There are limitations in the real world but we don’t have to extend it to our imagination. Let the imagination be imagination and let the dreams be unreasonable and seem unrealistic. Watch people who have achieved significant milestones and their dreams were not reasonable when they were first conceived in their minds.

How do we see it in reality if it’s not vividly imagined in our dreams first?

Go dream BIG and good luck with your dreams!!

PS: Once you dream, if you need help to make them come true, read my friend Marcia’s book on that topic – Make your dreams come true