Ways to distinguish yourself – #2 Do your daily work with passion!

Tim Carter is an expert on home building, remodeling and repair. There
are millions that are out there who know this stuff. But Tim is
different. He has taken his trade to the extreme and built an empire at
Askthebuilder.com. Tim’s
eBooks on these topics are sold like hot cakes. His radio shows are
popular and his columns appear in 42 news papers.  Tim gets in
excess of 350,000 visitors per month on his site. Talk about Passion
for his work!

In a completely different setting, take the case
of Denise Meyers who carves native american icons on gourds. Denise
sells them for $6k or more a piece. Each masterpiece is a demonstration of passion at work!

Can we do anything similar in the technology business?

hard work if we are one among the millions of Java programmers that are
out there in the world. The question to ask is not how many java
programmers are there in the world but to find out how many of these
java programmers are going about their jobs with true passion. How many
of them really are determined to make a difference to this world via
their jobs?

Our work will never be the same once we bring PASSION into the equation!