The road not taken

Every important (and not so important) decision will create a road not taken. All the alternatives that you didn’t take are the roads not taken. You took a particular road as probably that was the best available option among al the alternatives. Sometimes constraints (like money, available time, family etc.) might have forced you to… Continue reading

Mini Saga #46 – Stress

Photo Courtesy: Stephen Poff on Flickr Before you complain about everything that’s causing you stress, take a look at how much you are contributing to your own stress. Enjoy the story: Stress Bobby had a fully packed schedule. He had breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends and business associates. Discussions were interesting and covered economy,… Continue reading

Stress is…

1. Being articulate and incapable 2. Trying to show you care when you really don’t care 3. Wanting the “prize” without paying the “price” 4. Making promises without knowing or wanting to fulfill them 5. Making up things or being worried about getting exposed for making up things 6. Not wanting to change and going… Continue reading