My job is done!

The real problem is not with the problem who don’t get their job done. They will be weeded out sooner than later. The problem comes when people just get their job done AND nothing else, consistently and over a long period of time. Think about it. It seems like unfair to complain about people who… Continue reading

Mini Saga #102 – Uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty may be hard but that’s nothing compared to living with total certainty. Mini Saga #102 – Uncertainty Unlike his old job, his new job had more predictability and less uncertainty. John was relieved. Jenny was relieved too. Six months later Jenny observed that John was unhappy again. She asked, “Anything wrong with… Continue reading

Mini Saga #63 – Job

What you consider as “sweeping the floors” may be a stepping stone towards something big… Mini Saga #63 – Job Ron was frustrated doing low-level jobs in his family business.  Every six months, his Dad would move him to another department. It was like a long punishment. That day, he wanted to give up. But an… Continue reading