How to Hack Serendipity v1.8

The dictionary meaning of serendipity is as follows:

the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

In my life, serendipity has played a huge role in making a LOT of things happen. While I feel blessed about it, I also made some attempts to hack parts of it. Over the years I have fine-tuned several of them.


Highlights from the first couple of chapters of the book:


I wrote this book to share with you some hacks that increased the odds of encounters with serendipity in my life. I do hope that these hacks will help you too.

This 9,000 word eBook will take you less than 90 minutes to read and digest. However, you and I know that this is just a start and the magic happens when you apply the lessons learned.


I have published v1.8 of the book. It is 74 pages (13,580 words) and I will continue to develop it. At this time, I have set the pricing as “Pay What You Want (PYYW)” pricing that starts at $0 until I get to version 3.0.

Thanks in advance for whatever you choose to pay.


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Note: The PWYW pricing will stay until we reach v2.0 of the book (about 15,000 words)