Newsletter for week of Feb 22

This was the first newsletter sent out to a few hundred subscribers: You can subscribe to the newsletter here: Subscribe to Life Beyond Code Newsletter Life Beyond Code Newsletter Issue for the week of Feb 22, 2009 —–===(*)===—– Hello All, Hope you had a great start for this year. Honestly, I have been struggling with… Continue reading

Story Telling

Story telling is an important skill for the 21st Century. As people have less attention spans, only the BEST stories will be heard. So why not get better at telling your stories? Please sign up for my newsletter here:

Beyond Code reviewed at Elegant Code

Jan Van Ryswyck at Elegant Code reviews “Beyond Code” Here is the link to the review: Elegant Code: Book Review – Beyond Code Jan says “This book contains a lot of good advice. It’s only 120 pages, so what do you have to loose?” Thank you Jan. Please sign up for my newsletter here: